23 Meaningful Valentines Gifts for Book Lovers

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Bibliophiles always love receiving books but to make an occasion extra-special, we’ve curated a list of other types of Valentines gifts for book lovers. Many of these can be personalised, and most are handcrafted. All have a special bookish touch which makes them perfect for the reader in your life.

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We’ve sourced all these romantic gifts for book lovers on Etsy and to make it easier to budget, have ordered these by price in pounds sterling.

At the time of posting, all these items have good reviews from customers. However, we have no personal experience of these so ensure you read through all the individual product details and reviews before buying. If you’re buying from overseas, make sure you check import taxes, duties and shipping costs before you purchase as these can add hidden costs.

How To Find the Ideal Romantic Gift for Book Lovers

If you’re unsure of where to start with finding a gift for your cherished reader then here are some tips to help you:

  • Start to plan well in advance. Listen for any cues and keep on eye on your partner’s reading tastes and wishes. Do they like contemporary fiction, classic novels or Young Adult romance? Have a look at their bookshelves, and Goodreads account to see what they’re planning to read next.
  • Does your loved one have a favourite author? If the answer is yes, then see if you can find any merchandise or a signed copy by the writer.
  • Make a note of where your beloved likes to read. Is this in bed, in the bath or on the sofa. Can you buy an accessory which will enhance the experience? This could be a favourite mug, a scented candle, some bookish teas or a printed cushion.
  • Buying personalised romantic gifts for book lovers takes giving to the next level but you ideally need to place your order at least 3-6 weeks in advance to allow for customisation and shipping.
  • Remember romantic gifts don’t have to be expensive. A framed quote, a few lines of poetry or a special bookmark can lift someone’s day.

Romantic Gift Ideas for Book Lovers – Under £10

If you’re on a budget then these romantic gift ideas for book lovers will help you to create a great impression without breaking the bank as all are priced under £10.

Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing Love Quote Greeting Card

This recycled card is decorated with old page from Much Ado About Nothing and hand stamped with the love quote “I do love nothing in the world as well as you”. All are unique and you can choose between a brown kraft card or a matte white version. Both come with matching envelopes. Ships from the UK.

Discover more about the Much Ado About Nothing Love Card

Book Lovers Wooden Heart Decoration – Pride and Prejudice

Delight your beloved with this pretty decoration which can be hung anywhere in the house. The wooden heart is adorned with page cut-outs from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (only damaged copies has been used). Ships from the UK.

See more about the Pride and Prejudice Wooden Heart.

Personalised Leather Heart Bookmark

How adorable is this leather heart bookmark? You have a choice of 10 leather colours and 7 foils for this cute gift and it can also be personalised with initials for that extra romantic touch. Make sure you order well in advance just in case. Ships from the UK.

Image copyright hurleyburleygifts

Discover more about the Leather Heart Bookmark.

Wuthering Heights Enamel Pin

A gothic Wuthering Heights enamel pin which bears a line from Emily Brontë’s classic novel in which Heathcliffe laments the loss of his adored Catherine – ‘I cannot live without my soul!’.

See the Wuthering Heights Enamel Pin.

Jane Austen Love Quote Pencils

Image credit six0six design

Three pencils stamped with romantic quotes from Jane Austen’s novels. These make a beautiful and affordable Valentine’s gift for bookworms. Ships from Ireland.

See the Jane Austen Quote Pencils.

Old Books Handmade Soy Wax Melts

An aromatic gift containing 5 soy wax melts containing a delicious scent of old books and spice to add an antique atmosphere to any reading corner. Ships from the UK.

Discover more about the Old Books Handmade Soy Wax Melts.

Valentines Gifts for Bookworms – £10 – £25

If you have a little more to spend then these Valentine’s Gifts for Book Lovers make lovely romantic presents. Some of these can be personalised to make them truly unique.

Personalised Classic Book Cover Notebook (andsotheymade)

How sweet are these personalised notebooks with classic book cover styling? This A5 notebook can be customized in four different ways. As with all personalised products, make sure you order in good time. Ships from the UK.

Find out more about the Personalised Classic Book Cover Notebook on Etsy.

Arts and Crafts Book Journal

Image copyright Lucysaysido

Help your other half keep track of their reading with this pretty book journal. There are a number of structured pages and prompts to guide you but there’s also lots of space to explore. Size A5. Ships from the UK.

Check out the Book Journal.

Personalised Book Lovers Soy Candle

If your partner’s idea of romance includes a walk through the bookstore then they’ll love this soy candles which can be personalised. You can also choose from 30 fragrances. Ships from the US.

Find out more about the Book Lovers Soy Candle.

Miniature Book Keychain

Delight your loved one with a personalised miniature book keychain bearing the cover of their favourite read. The polymer book charm is carved to look as realistic as possible. Ships from the US.

Check out the Miniature Book Keychain.

Jane Eyre “Reader, I Married Him” Jane Eyre Enamel Mug

This timeless enamel mug bearing the famous quote from Charlotte Bronte’s famous classic novel, Jane Eyre, is bound to make any reader happy. The artwork is fixed with a glaze so that the pen and ink design won’t fade. Ships from the US.

Take a closer look at the Jane Eyre “Reader, I Married Him” Jane Eyre Enamel Mug.

Game of Thrones Cufflinks

These Game of Thrones cufflinks can be personalised with quotes from the epic fantasy series and come in a smart presentation box. A brilliant present for a fantasy book lover.

Check out the Game of Thrones Cufflinks.

Marvel Comic Book Framed Hearts – Super Hero Gift

An original artwork for the comic lover in your life. Each heart has been cut out of a Marvel comic and placed lovingly on a 30cm x 30 cm (12 x 12 inches) square board. It comes framed in a black slimline frame measuring 15mm wide by 12mm deep. A cute romantic gift idea for your partner. Ships from the UK.

Check out the Marvel Comic Book Framed Hearts – Super Hero Gift.

Customised Classic Penguin Print

Image copyright WilbrahamCollective

Put your beloved’s name on a Penguin Classics cover, based on the Jan Tschichold design. You can choose from different sizes and colours to create a bespoke statement piece that will stand the test of time.

Find out more about the customised Classic Penguin cover print

Wonderland 1865 Varsity Sweatshirt – Alice in Wonderland

An ideal cosy sweatshirt for the avid reader or Alice in Wonderland enthusiast to curl up in. Printed with the word Wonderland and the date of the publication of Alice in Wonderland, it comes in a range of sizes and in two different colourways. Ships from the UK.

See the Wonderland 1865 Varsity Sweatshirt – Alice in Wonderland.

Romantic Gift Ideas for Book Lovers – £25 – £50

If you’re aiming to spend a little more then these Valentines gifts for book lovers could suit the bibliophile in your life.

Personalised Silver Book Locket

This gorgeous locket necklace is a tiny book made from silver plated brass. There is a little rose coloured copper heart on the font. Inside, the folded pages open to reveal a secret message which can be personalised. Ships from the UK.

Read more about the Personalised Silver Locket Book.

Personalised Bookshelf of Memories Print Gift

This meaningful bookshelf print can include up to 13 titles that mean something to you and your loved one. You can either pick from stock titles or send in your own to be added to the bookshelf of memories design. The print is unframed and measures A4 (8 x 10″). Ships from the UK.

Find out more about the Personalised Bookshelf of Memories Print Gift.

Custom Embosser with Seal for a Personal Library

A custom embosser with seal will make a thoughtful heirloom present for someone who treasures their personal library. You can choose from a range of designs to create the perfect romantic gift. Ships from the USA.

See the Custom Embosser with Seal for a Personal Library.

Literary Classics Love Stories Tea Gift Box

A good book needs a cup of tea or two! This Classic Love Story Tea Gift Box contains 5 little tins of tea, each inspired by a different classic novel (you can choose from 6 tales). The beautifully presented box also contains a stainless steel tea ball infuser and a mini wooden tea shovel. Ships from the UK.

Discover more about the Literary Classics Love Stories Tea Gift Box.

Beauty and The Beast Shoulder Bag

A romantic shoulder bag crafted from faux leather and book-binding board which fairytale lovers will adore. The bag opens like a book to reveal the main compartment. This is fashioned from cream faux leather to resemble the pages of a book. Ships from the UK.

Learn more about the Beauty and The Beast Shoulder Bag.

Romantic Gifts for Bibliophiles – £50 – £75

These statement pieces are ideal for any bookish home and make great romantic presents for bookworms.

Personalised Map Heart Bookend

This wooden heart bookend can be personalised with a map from anywhere in the world to remind your beloved of a special destination. Books, romance and travel in one – the ideal combination (note that the Etsy page is for one bookend only). Ships from the UK.

Find out more about the Personalised Map Heart Bookend.

Literary Book Cover Blanket

Image copyright RoobyLane

Time to get cosy underneath this unique literary blanket printed with antique book covers. The blanket measures 140cm x 180cm and ships from the UK.

Take a closer look at the Literary Book Cover Blanket.

Romantic Gifts for Readers – Over £100

You may be glad to know that we were unable to find many romantic gift ideas for book lovers costing over £100! However, if you’re looking for an exceptional gift then why not consider buying a book nook for your loved one? We have listed one below but you can find more designs on our Book Nook Magic post.

Alchemy library Bookshelf Insert

The ultimate bookshelf accessory for bibliophiles. This tiny wizard’s library slots between your books and even has a little light so that you can see it shining in the dark. A special romantic gift for someone who loves to read. Ships from Italy.

Find out more about the Alchemy library Bookshelf Insert.

Do you have any suggestions for Valentine’s gifts for book lovers? What was the best romantic gift you ever received? Let us know!

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