Six Months On – A Major Page Turn

Occasionally I surprise myself, but this time, I went a little further than usual. After 15 happy years in the Peak District, we’ve moved 500 miles up north to the Isle of Skye! The whole move took around four and… View Post

The BFR Round-Up March 2022

My best intentions went out of the window during March after feeling unwell for a few weeks. My main focus was improving my health and getting some sleep so I cut back on superfluous stuff for a while. Luckily the… View Post

The BFR Round-Up February 2022

February was full of stops and starts. A few plans were stalled due to bad weather but we made a few visits to see family. Reading progress slowed, mainly because we’re still working through our backlog, which involves tackling big… View Post

The BFR Round-Up January 2022

January is often a sluggish reading month. I usually end up wading through a meh book or get distracted by making ridiculous goals – not this year though! We read 19 books between us – a cracking start to 2022.… View Post

A Family List of 2022 Book Goals

We originally intended to give 2022 book goals a pass, but after mulling on it over the past week or so, we’ve decided to set a few this year to maintain momentum and add a bit of structure into our… View Post