The BFR Round-Up September 2021

We spent most of the month at home in September – catching up on household jobs and enjoying the local countryside. A welcome break before we enter another busy patch leading up to Christmas. With school and my main contract… View Post

The BFR Round Up August 2021

We were away with family and friends for most of the weekends in August – brilliant fun and an opportunity to gather new inspirations. I’m gradually reframing how I approach the yearly cycle and have decided to consign summers to… View Post

Literary England: 42 Essential Book Destinations to Visit in the UK

Literary England almost seems like a parallel country of its own. The writings of Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, Beatrix Potter, Virginia Woolf and William Shakespeare have created their own imaginary landscape – adding extra romance, mischief and magic to our… View Post

The BFR Round Up July 2021

As predicted, the month was totally sucked up by work (enjoyable work, but graft nonetheless). The big bonus was that we saw some great non-fiction authors at the Festival – James Rebanks, Guy Shrubsole, Nick Hayes, Mary Colwell, Dr Waheed… View Post

The BFR Round Up June 2021

The only way I can keep track of everything these days is through the Instagram stories archive so all thanks to this little app for our monthly catch-up! One more month of Festival madness and then hopefully we’ll have a… View Post