A Handy Guide to Eco-Conscious Book Buying in a Confusing World

If you love books, it’s sometimes hard to strike the right balance between supporting booksellers, authors and publishing houses, while also lowering your carbon impact on the planet. We’ve definitely struggled with this dilemma ourselves, especially as one one of… View Post

Book Review: Wilding by Isabella Tree

Wilding by Isabella Tree took the British nature writing scene by storm in 2018. We try to live sustainably so it was a book I really wanted to read but I didn’t get around to it until someone handed us… View Post

Children’s Book Review: Earth Heroes by Lily Dyu

Earth Heroes by Lily Dyu is an essential kids’ book for our times. It charts the journeys of 20 green champions across the planet. These include famous figures such as Greta Thunberg to lesser-known heroes such as Mohammed Rezwan and… View Post

Why We’ve Been Away from Instagram

As some long-time followers will know, I’ve been on a bit of a journey over the last few years. I started out on Bookstagram, which encouraged me (long story) to quit my dissatisfying admin job. This was followed by a… View Post