The Book Family Rogerson July Round-Up

July has seen a lot of change and activity in our house. I didn’t anticipate publishing many posts because I was busy running all things digital for an online festival, but in the end I wrote 7 pieces including this… View Post

The Book Family Rogerson Round-Up: April 2019

Hello everyone! I’m back for a very brief round-up because April turned out to be very different from expected. I ended up starting a freelance digital marketing contract with the brilliant Buxton International Festival at short notice which has pretty… View Post

The Book Family Rogerson Round-Up: January 2019

I had such big aims in January. Did I achieve them? NO! Well that’s not entirely true.  I wrote 8 blog posts (9 if you include this),  read every day,  kept my Instagram account running and hit 120K monthly views… View Post

The Book Family Rogerson Round-Up : December 2018

Where did December go?! I spent a lot of my extra time focusing on temporary transcription contract.  I really enjoyed working on this new area alongside my digital marketing projects. I’m still enjoying the Throne of Glass series although I… View Post

The Book Family Rogerson Round-Up: November 2018

  From now on I thought it would be fun to post a family round-up of our reads, movies and days out. This post will be a little disjointed as I’ve not been keeping a proper tally – I’m hoping… View Post