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Welcome to a brand new blog series – Interview with a Bookstagrammer! We’ve been part of the bookstagramming community for over three years and are constantly amazed by the range of styles, talents and tones that each bookish friend brings to the Instagram platform. Rather than simply share accounts via links, we thought it would be lovely to find out more about the person behind the feed and ta-da – Interview with a Bookstagrammer was born!

We hope you enjoy the Q&A which has been designed to give not only an overview of each account and highlight the unique aesthetic of each one, but also to inspire and encourage bookstagrammers to experiment with their own feeds. In addition to this, we will also share amazing additional projects that the featured bookstagrammers are working on. Please do check them out.

For our very first post in the series, we are excited to talk to Kate MacRitchie, a writer and folklore lover from Scotland (formerly known as Oonagh Moon). Kate’s magical feed has beguiled since we joined bookstagram and the warm vintage tones conjure up cosy retreats on autumnal days. This is a wonderful account to escape to when you’re craving a little enchantment in your life.

How long have you been bookstagramming?

I had to scroll back through my feed to find the answer to this one – since January 2017!

Why did you start your bookstagram page?

I didn’t set out to create a bookstagram, but a place to share my writing and inspirations. I’m a writer because I was a reader first – so naturally, my feed became filled with books!

Has your account changed since you started?

I experimented with my style a lot in the beginning. I’ve now settled into moody, warm tones and post less landscapes than I used to.

What’s your favourite aspect of bookstagram?

All the great reading recommendations I get from fellow bookworms

How do you plan your feed? Do you use any particular editing tools or themes?

I edit all my photos in VSCO using the A4 preset. I used to use Planoly to plan my feed in advance but prefer to post spur of the moment these days.

What are your top tips for new bookstagrammers?

Post what you’re passionate about and if you’re not having fun – stop! Life’s too short to fret over social media

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What are your bookish goals for the future? Are you working on any projects at the moment?

I recently created a ‘Novel Magic Kit’ that helps writers turn baggy first drafts into publishable novels. Now that I’ve finished the first draft of my newest novel, I might just use it myself!

Who are your favourite authors and which books do you love?

Some of my favourite books are The People of the Sea by David Thomson, Ice by Anna Kavan, Lavondyss by Robert Holdstock and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke.


Thanks so much to Kate for being the first participant in our Interview with a Bookstagrammer series. I’m off to explore all of these titles that she’s mentioned as I know that they will whisk me to strange and beautiful destinations. I also highly recommend signing up to Kate’s dreamy bookstagram account and helpful newsletter via her blog, especially if you love folk, imagination and writing.

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    That is really interesting and what gorgeous photos x

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      September 11, 2020 / 8:32 pm

      Oonagh’s feed has a gorgeous folksy mood. It’s so perfect for this time of year x

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